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I am messy.

I moved quite a bit when I was a kid. I actually went to 3 different 4th Grades in Berkeley, California. I never imagined that I would move from California to Georgia and now to Massachusetts.

As I sort through my "stuff", I realize so many things...the "stuff" is part of what creates memories. Photos, letters, stories, yearbooks, CD's, records, even socks, jewelry, pillowcases, tchotkes, and greeting cards...

All these "things" remind me of who I am. I like mess. I like color. I like to see my stuff. I like to be organized, but I like to see the stuff. (so I know where it is) (Thanks Grace)

"Think messy maximalism:chaos, but lovingly displayed chaos."

"not just accepting a bit of mess but actually embracing it, in order to have more time with a more important thing in your life-the people you love."

From Holly Williams' article, "Why being messy is good for you."

February 10, 2023

So it actually makes sense to me why I love to find "cool stuff" made by nice people. The treasures we enjoy, look at, and generally make a part of our world, bring a little magic to our day. I hope you find treasures for you and yours at the collection.

I hope to offer a little whimsy, joy and color with the treasures found on

In the words of a Gorgeous Friend, from earlier this week, who texted me after she picked up her treasures.

"Listen, it is an absolute pleasure to do business with you. You make shopping for cool stuff really easy!"

Till March 9, 2023, enjoy free domestic shipping and local pickup in Chamblee.

Our See Ya' Warehouse Sale is Saturday, March 4 & Sunday, March 5, from 10-5pm.

Hope to see y'all online or at our Warehouse Sale!

Our website will be Paused and Unable to Process Orders from March 10-May 2023.

Wishing Y'all a wonderful week!

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I grew up in Northern California, Albany, Berkeley, and Oakland. My Mom was born in Old Hickory, Tennessee, lived in Kentucky and then eventually moved to Michigan. My Dad was born in Roxbury, Massach

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