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I still watch Sesame Street.

When my brother and sister were little, we watched a lot of Sesame Street. As the eldest,I probably acted like I did not like it. (I loved Oscar being grouchy though) My Dad always found it quite entertaining. His favorite characters were Oscar and The Count. He also admired Mister Rogers very much.

My Dad passed away about 23 years ago. He knew my daughters, but he did not get to meet his 5 other grandchildren.

Now that I have a granddaughter, we watch a lot of Sesame Street. Laughing about Oscar, counting with The Count, (Dad loved answering the phone in a Dracula voice.) and puzzling over Snuffleleupagus, I truly feel like my Dad is there with us.; me, his daughter and his Great Granddaughter. My Mom has Alzheimers, so she cannot understand that she is a Great Grandmother. (We know though and know she would be thrilled.)

Last summer I made a trip with my granddaughter to Astoria,New York. We woke up early and explored Astoria...walking to get bagels and coffee. We said hello to people walking their dogs,ladies waved at Z in her stroller, we saw the produce and flower stands. All before 9am. I suddenly realized that Astoria reminded me of Sesame Street.

Guess what? ! "Kaufman Astoria Studios" located in the Astoria section of Queens is where Sesame Street has been taped since 1993."

Sesame Street is a brilliant and heartwarming show which has been around since 1969. It deals with so many subjects, simple and complicated. I love the well thought-out philosophy of kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding for our family, friends, neighbors, community, world, and even ourselves.

Sesame Street is very comforting. Elmo would agree with that, On January 29,2024, Elmo asked on Instagram, "Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing? People sent Elmo quite a bit of feedback. (to put it mildly)

Thank you to the creators of Sesame Street for all the good vibes you put out into the world. Thank you to Mister Rogers for your kindness and for reminding us to "look for the helpers."

Good weekend to You, Gorgeous Friends.


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