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Nice People Who Make Cool Stuff

One of my favorite things about running a small gift shop is finding Cool Stuff. When the brick & mortar was open, Pop Ups with the Makers were so much fun. Now that we are online, I realized that I wanted to move that feeling to

The good vibes of seeing the person who makes the greeting card, sticker, enamel pin, necklace, puzzle, earrings etc...It is important that you can see who they are. Real people making really wonderful things filled with creativity and joy.

Therefore, now on our social media and on our website, you will be able to see photos of many of the Nice People Who Make the Cool Stuff.

I have had the honor of meeting several of these Nice People since 2014. Since we have been online, I have been able to "meet" them thru Instagram, letters, emails and phone calls. It is important to me for our Gorgeous Friends to also be able to "Meet the Makers" thru their wonderful and creative work.

When we opened Hello Gorgeous Boutique & Cafe in 2014, we wanted to create community and connection through creativity. I am so grateful to each of the Artists and Makers for making this creative community connection happen. Thank you to each of you, Gorgeous Friends for continuing to support my small business.

When you shop with have fun, explore and discover all the wonderful magical work available to you. The Nice People Who Make Cool Stuff truly do bring joy and magic to us. Let's enjoy it.

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