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Statement Necklaces & Baseball

A necklace featuring 12 white pearls on a golden bar held together with a gold chain sits on a wooden background. There is a green plant and white crystal stone in the background it is resting on.
Girl With The Pearl White Pearl Bar Necklace

I write this 2 days after the Atlanta Braves won the World Series 2021.

A few weeks ago I read about Joc Pederson from a blog called "Alma" which led to me intensely watching the Braves play against the Giants, Dodgers and then the Astros.

Why did I suddenly notice Joc Pederson?

I noticed Joc Pederson after I read that he wore pearls. When asked why he wore pearls, he said, "Cause I'm a bad b-tch"

Hey Alma (@heyalma on Instagram) went on to say that "Joc Pederson is Jewish, originally from Palo Alto, California and in 2013 Joc played for Team Israel in the World Baseball Championship."

My parents used to take me and my siblings to see the Oakland Athletics play at the Oakland Coliseum. We sat in the cheap seats, the bleachers. I remember how happy my parents were. I remember watching the players like Rollie Fingers and Vida Blue.

I remember that Colonial Donuts created a special donut in honor of Vida Blue - a blueberry donut.

I also remember how wild it was when the Kansas City Royals would play the Oakland A's (ok the Athletics-but seriously they were the A's) The Royals and the A's had quite a few "skirmishes."

My parents went to Spring Training in Arizona to see the A's play and also cheered on my daughters in their multi league and softball games. After my dad passed away, my mom invited college baseball players to stay in her home in the East Bay. The players were playing in summer baseball leagues and she went to all their games to cheer for them. At the time, I did not understand it.

It was not until I was watching the Braves play that I realized how much my mom valued, treasured and truly loved the sport of baseball. It also made me see how much my mom enjoyed the camaraderie of the players, their individual personalities, and as she would say, "such a nice young man." which meant, "Oh, he's cute."

My mom has had Alzheimers now for the last few years. Mom is almost 85. I am so grateful that she can live in her home with her dog Lady, with an amazing team of caregivers who make it possible.

Mom does not recognize me, we cannot really communicate, and because of the pandemic, I have not seen her in person since January 2020.

However, I know that if my mom could tell me, she would say how wonderful it was that the Braves came together and played an amazing season. I know my mom would be calling me and telling me how cute Joc, Soler, Dansby, Max Fried, and Rosario were. She would be saying "those nice young men."

She would also be saying, "Those pearls!"

As I watched games these last few weeks, I noticed that the majority of the players wear necklaces of gold, silver, and yes, pearls. Their "statement necklaces" if you will.

What is your statement? What do you want your necklace to say?

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