These fun, flowy, and fashionable capri pants are the perfect addition to any wardrobe!


Size Chart

Size Cloud: Small/Medium

Size Sun:  Medium/Large

Size Joy: Fits More, L+ (Typically Size 10-20) 


Because of the amazing stretch of the plant fiber, and the bias cut of the capri swirl, exact inseam, length can vary, especially once it is on the body and depending on how high it is pulled up. A bit of length can always be hitched up and more length stretched down for a couple of inches of varying length to work with flats and low heels.  


Angelrox fabric is made of plant based fibers and may feel a bit tight when you first put them on, but within the first couple minutes of wearing the fabric will stretch to a comfortable custom fit on your body, making them super soft and breathable for the skin. 


Hand wash is best or machine wash delicate cold

Handmade in Maine, crafted with joy

Angelrox - Capri Swirl in Various Colors

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