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Janeites, unite!


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has made this handsome jigsaw puzzle featuring Jane Austen’s works!


Each quote is rendered by hand, charmingly filigreed, and ornamented to pleasing effect.

You’ll lose yourself for hours in this captivating puzzle – a new way to surround yourself with Jane Austen’s words – her wit, her empathy, and her still-brilliant observations about a party.

It’s genius.


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild's colorful, cultural jigsaw puzzles are 1,000-piece wonders. Minimal puzzle dust. Reduced glare matte finish. Each has its own mini poster with puzzle art inside.


19¾ x 27½ (50cm x 70cm)

Unemployed Philosophers - Jane Austen 1,000 pc Puzzle

SKU: 5628