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Behind the scenes...

Back in March 2024, I decided to jump back into the world with Hello Gorgeous. I discussed the idea of putting on a Makers Market with a new friend. She liked the idea, and said she would help. We were off and running. First things first,pick a date. Saturday, June 22nd it would be. Each city has a completely different process. Here in Pittsfield,Massachusetts, I filled out an online application for a Special Events Permit. Once submitted,I went to a Parks Commission Meeting in April to explain what the event would be, where, and a few more details.

Although it had been about 4 years since I had spoken in IRL to people I did not know, it actually was okay. Truthfully,the biggest concern for me was that I often wear a mask and I worried if people would hear me.

(honestly,computers stress me out more than people.)

Everyone was kind and helpful which made the presentation go smoothly.

The Summer Frolic Community Market for June 22 was approved! We began emailing and messaging local makers, artists,businesses,non-profits and food vendors about participating. My contact at the city gave me 2 lists of possible participants which was excellent.

Slowly but surely, we created a wonderful list of Local Artists, Makers, Food Vendors and Community Resources. The location was fabulous, Springside Park in Pittsfield. The green grounds surrounding the historic home with front porch. Beautiful gardens and a fountain nearby as well as lovely leafy trees for shade. An ample parking lot with a view of the city and mountains and even bathrooms!

K & I met at the park and discussed details, we spoke on the phone,emailed and texted each other to bring all the ingredients together. Kira of @wildandfolkstudio made the beautiful poster, lovely reel, and sent the majority of emails to participants.

I appreciate so much working with Kira,(a new friend) because we were making the Market plans happen!

I spoke on the phone, emailed, texted and sent direct messages to invite people to participate. Kira did the same. She created a spreadsheet, Google links and the like. (which is awesome,since, that is not my strength) I did in person market research by going to Art Markets (my favorite type of research actually) Met and talked with some wonderful people who agreed to participate in the Market. Berkshire Print Shop made the signage,flyers, and postcards. A nice Home Depot employee found the corrugated signage and stake for outdoor signs. He was about to go on his break, but he saw that I looked lost. The cashier asked me for a postcard about the Summer Frolic Market. It was a good day.

Well, it is now June 22, and the Market did not happen. What? Well...Mother Nature decided to do her thing. For the last 10 days,I had been looking at the weather for 6/22. It went from 25%-70% chance of rain and then yesterday, it started forecasting thunderstorms. Kira and I made the decision to cancel and postpone the Market yesterday at 12 noon. We sent out emails, texts, and did the social media posting. I did lives for IG,FB and attempted one for TikTok. The local newspaper;The Berkshire Eagle (where I had advertised from June 15-22), posted a cancellation notice.

It was confusing,stressful and frustrating. But! Everyone involved was so understanding and supportive! Thank you to my new friend,Kira and to my old friends,sister and daughters for listening to me vent. Thank you to each of the participants for being open to trying something new in Pittsfield. I appreciate your creativity,energy and good vibes so much.

And today at 2pm, IT RAINED buckets,with wind, thunder and lightning.

We made the right decision. (which was a huge relief)

Kira and I are looking for a Future Market Date as well as a location that has an INDOOR option too. If you can recommend a location, please let me know.

I realized that although Mother Nature is unpredictable; people can be totally wonderful.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting the Summer Frolic Community Market together. You have made me feel so welcome in my new home.

You Rock.

thank you,Kim

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