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Emily Dickinson & Ice Fishing

I am currently experiencing my first Massachusetts winter and it is a trip. Yes, it is cold here. Snow is quiet as it falls. I have learned what a "squall" is from the cozy comfort of my home. (for which I am grateful)

1 thing that I did not expect thought when I moved here is that I would live about 90 minutes from Emily Dickinson's home in Amherst,Massachusetts.

Back in 2020, when I was pretty much always home, I began to read the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Emily wrote about 1800 poems while in her Amherst home.

I went to the Berkshire Athenaeum (what's that you ask?) the Pittsfield Public Library. I checked out 4 books on Dickinson, the first of which is "These Fevered Days" by Martha Ackmann. Below is a poem by Emily Dickinson.

"This was a Poet-

It is That

Distills amazing sense

From Ordinary Meanings-

And Attar so immense"

I have also discovered that Ice Fishing is not just something I saw in "Grumpy Old Men" It is a winter activity that happens on the frozen lakes in Pittsfield.

People use sleds and atvs to go out onto frozen Onota & Pontoosuc Lake. They set up a tent kinda thing, use an augur to drill a hole, then they have a flag system that alerts when they catch a fish.

On February 24th, there will be an Ice Fishing Derby. I am pondering should I go?

  1. What would Dickinson say about Ice Fishing?

  2. She would like the outdoor adventuring component.

  3. What do I think Dickinson & the Ice Fishing Fans like about The Berkshires? Sunsets, Mountains, 4 Seasons & the Sky

  4. What would Emily & the Ice Fishing Fans enjoy from Hello Gorgeous?

  5. Wool blend socks from Socksmith. Original wall art by Mina of EWBA and Abundance Bath Bombs by Sow the Magic.

  6. I am enjoying this new place that I call home. I learn something new each day.

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