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Extrinsic Rewards:ie:Stickers

Updated: Feb 22

When I was a little kid in Berkeley, California, I went to an amazing dentist,

Dr. Sakamoto was soft spoken,gentle and taught me how to take care of my teeth. His office was my favorite place to visit. Why? Because after the appointment, I could choose from a basket of tiny glass animal figurines.

When I grew up, I expected all dentist offices to be like that office. However, I have not yet found any dentist's office that give out prizes to grown ups.

What is to be done?

Give Yourself the extrinsic rewards-the treat-Yes, the Sticker. While it is true that sometimes intrinsic rewards are good enough. However, some things call for stickers.

I have curated a Sticker Shop that is fantastic. From pop culture, to political, to inspiring, to arty, to even sweet. You can be the Curator of Your very own Sticker Collection.

Stickers could go on your water bottle, tumbler, suitcase, laptop, car, and perhaps even in a special photo album. You may decide to send stickers to people as happy mail too. They fit conveniently into an envelope.

All our stickers are between $3-6 each. Nice people who make cool stuff make this sticker art.

Here are a few possibilities:

Welcome to the work of That's So Andrew and Apartment 2 Cards! Find their work and more at Enjoy extrinsic rewards & free domestic shipping!

Perhaps, it is indeed the "little things."

Thank you Gorgeous Friends for shopping with my small business.


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