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Greeting Cards Make Me Happy.

I was talking with my friend Angela this morning and she commented to me ; "You speak in greeting cards..." I replied, "you know, you're right!"

We were discussing "adulting" and how it can be challenging... I said, "you know I have this card that says...See below. Birthday card by Compendium of Seattle.

I suggested to Angela that sometimes treating ourselves is very necessary. Not always with sweets, but with little things that bring us simple joy. Simple daily joy. When I worked in the brick & mortar 2014-2019, I was fortunate to be surrounded by lovely Greeting Card Walls. The walls were filled with inspiring, funny, validating, affirming, sarcastic, supportive, motivating and empowering words and images. I think that is where I first noticed that I was happier when I was working in the store. The greeting cards, stickers, magnets, tea towels, mugs, pin back buttons, patches, enamel pins and even the socks filled me with daily joy and affirmation.

Seeing people every day when they stopped in for browsing or shopping always was wonderful because we were able to chat and socialize.

Working from home on the website is a whole new adventure as a small business creative "mastermind." One thing remains the same: I still rely on the empowering energy of the amazing treasures that surround me in my office-basement-warehouse.

I am working with an art therapist and am finding it very helpful. She suggested that I journal more and write "validating statements" for myself.

One of the statements I wrote is, "I am adventurous, even though I am afraid a lot."

I am working on an artwork to depict myself as an adventurer, but I also recently realized that a letterpress card by Janine Kwoh of Kwohtations, has resonated with me from the first moment I saw it.

Shannon Cohen created the empowering sticker below which is an uplifting and continuing reminder, to "Speak Life to the Dreams " of My Own Soul

When I think about the things we sell on our site, I know that the "things" are indeed small, but I hope that they bring a little daily joy to You, Gorgeous Friend. (the way they do for me.)

In conclusion, now you know how "greeting cards make me happy."

Thank You Gorgeous Friend for your continued support of my small business,



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