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January,Adulting,Inventory & Snow

I am supposed to be working on inventory. I have been.

It is slow,requires a computer,patience and an attention span. I do have some of those. I think January is a time for adulting, which may make it challenging.

It is also coincides with winter. As I work on inventory, slowly but surely, I think of cards that entertain me. Take for example: Jon Snow by Tay Ham: Winter is Here.

As you know, greeting cards make me happy. "The Snow Queen" by Tylre Paper.

Walking in our new neighborhood through the newly fallen snow, I am amazed by the sparkle of the snow in the sunshine. If it is cloudy, the snow makes everything look like a painting. I realize I am just getting used to this, the first snowfall, but it makes me marvel at winter. "Things that aren't terrible about winter." by Kwohtations.

Like Socrates said:"Wisdom Begins in Wonder." Sticker by Lucy Loves Paper.

Winter makes me look at the world with new wonder and that is good.

This blog post gave me a break from inventory. Now I must return to adulting.

Thank you Gorgeous Friends for being YOU.


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