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May Mood

Written by Kim Fredrickson, Edited by Sarah-Jane May

It is officially May! Happy New Month to You!

This is my birthday month, so I always feel like let's get the party started! And by party, I mean I think many festive thoughts, some deep, some superficial.

So, I am Grandma Kim now to a cutie pie granddaughter. So amazing. So grateful.

We are officially online only now and we are officially moved into our new office and warehouse space. I even bought an office chair! I realized that I am so used to moving around a space; this is an interesting and new experience. Any tips?

I enjoy spring. Yesterday it was 72' with sunny blue skies. As I am writing this it is cloudy, overcast, and 73'. It may get up to 81'. What's the weather like near you?

I had an epiphany yesterday. I really like the word "bliss". "Joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, gladness." My goal for this newsletter, Gentle Readers, is to share with you the things that bring bliss to an inside space and even to our outdoor spaces.

Inside Bliss:

So, candles bring bliss into a space with fragrance, light and a small time for pausing. Yes, pausing, reflecting, reading, listening to music and enjoying the perfume of the room. (why not call candles room perfume? I wanna make that happen)

Kiss Me in the Garden makes these lovely candles with quotes from inspiring women.

Funny Candle Co. creates candles with witty packaging and delightful scents.

Penn Chemists are in brightly colored votives that smell fabulous and have names like Nirvana.(smell way better than teen spirit...couldn't resist)

We also have fragrance free candles from Unemployed Philosophers Guild and PC Hester for the light, art, and moments of peace and tranquility. (which I wanna make happen too)

Make your space cozy, colorful, and even hear the tinkling of bells with Indika Imports selection of pillow covers, prosperity hens and bells.

Cuddle with the cutest plush pig by Compendium or the adorable Pink Poodlena.

Inspired Peru also offers the softest alpaca, teddy, and penguin cuties.

Ivy & Sage has the "Home Sweet Home" and the pink "Peony" pillow cover too for the cozy space.


Drinking my coffee out of a different mug each day brings me bliss. So, we have mugs from:

Citizen Ruth Brand


Bold & Dreamy (Previously known as Mahathey Made)


We have art in the form of greeting cards, magnets, wall art, and stickers. Colorful images and inspiring words always bring me bliss, and may even include laughter!

Outside Bliss:

Plant a garden with flower and vegetable Seeds by Sow the Magic in beautiful tarot inspired seed packets.

Sunglasses by Peepers for the mystery and for blocking the sun in style.

Cinnamon deodorant by Sin Min. Sure, it may be weird that I actually look forward to applying this fab deodorant before I go outside. But, I am okay with this. It smells good and it works.

Flower Crowns by Mays Monsters to look festive and floral, cause it's spring & I like to imagine myself a fairy. Available in braided, regular, and light up styles!


Cameoko Jewelry for outside is a necessity for me. I always wear a necklace, a few bracelets and earrings. Why? Because this adornment make me feel strong and solid.


I don't wear flip flops. I do wear sandals eventually. However, bliss for me outside is walking in closed toe shoes with really comfy and colorful socks. We have those for babies, kids and grownups.

Zkano Socks - organic cotton and made in a family owned sock mill in Fort Payne, Alabama

Socksmith Outlands Collection with recycled wool or the recycled cotton crew socks. Made in the US and come in a variety of fun patterns for the walking or perhaps the hiking.

A floral or colorful lightweight scarf is quite nice for the outside too. It provides a bit of glamour and if it rains or gets cold suddenly, you are ready to wrap up in the scarf.

Carrying your stuff securely and efficiently is important for the outside excursions.

How about a Sunavworld crossbody, or a Fly Paper Canvas tote, or a leather bag by Kiko Leathers

Want something small that works for carrying the id, cc and cash?

How about this Janis Joplin coin purse, Blue Q zipper pouches,

or the Papaya Art zipper coin purses with key fob.

There you have it, Gorgeous Friends, also known as Gentle Readers... (yes I have watched all of Bridgerton and enjoyed it.) My favorite characters are Lady Danbury and the Queen. How about you?

Wishing you a wonderful week and a marvelous May!

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Local Pickup and We Ship nationwide and then some!

Thank you for supporting us throughout this small business adventure.

We appreciate each of you so much.

- Kim & Team Gorgeous

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