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Oh,the places I've been...

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years. I then moved to Atlanta for 20 years, and now reside in The Berkshires. How does this influence me? Well, I think my various homes express themselves in some of the treasures I curate in Hello Gorgeous. For example, my California side expresses itself through socks. I went to UC Berkeley, and their mascot is a bear, so... California's state flower is a poppy so...

Moving to Atlanta, I began to notice some things like...peaches & fireflies...

Now that I have been in The Berkshires for about a year, there are certain items that reflect this...change.

These socks,stickers,books and greeting cards certainly are not the only treasures that bring California,Georgia, and Massachusetts to mind. However, they do represent for me the places I am grateful to have called my homes. My mom was born in Old Hickory,Tennessee and before she developed Alzheimers, she loved to visit me in Georgia. We took a wonderful road trip to Asheville and visited a Craft Museum, which she loved. She bought artwork and treasures that reminded her of her childhood in Tennessee,Kentucky and Michigan.

My dad grew up in Brookline,Massachusetts and then moved to San Francisco when he was a teenager. My dad died before I moved to Atlanta, but I think he would have been so happy that I was able to explore new places. He was an adventurous person who loved soft shell crab and eclairs. Every time I see an eclair here in Pittsfield, I think of him. Each time I am in New York City, I think of my dad, who said he always wanted to retire there.

At Hello Gorgeous, I curate things, but these are things that evoke joy, memories and often comfort. The places I have been always give me new perspective and I am grateful.

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