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Recess. Bubbles. Glitter.

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Remember Recess? Remember Glitter? Bubbles? Jacks?

What are some of your favorite childhood play memories?

What are some things you do for play? For joy in your day?

I am working with an art therapist and yesterday we discussed the importance of play, and joy for yes, Grown Ups.

For me, 1 of my most favorite things is blowing bubbles. I have 2 large bubble wands and I really do sit outside and blow bubbles. I did it in Atlanta and now I am doing it here in Pittsfield. I love to watch the various sizes of bubbles that emerge from the wand, the iridescence of colors & light, as well as watching how the bubbles travel.

I had forgotten that my nickname in junior high was "Bubbles" Bobby reminded me last night. How trippy is that?

I am looking forward to creating a "Bubble Land" for our grandchild.

My therapist also told me that blowing bubbles is a good way to regulate one's breathing. This is fascinating. I am always looking for ways to relax, slow down, and lessen stress and anxiety. What if blowing bubbles is my way?

What are some of your ways to "play?" How do you add joy and whimsy to your day?

Although I do not sell bubbles currently, Channel Craft makes a Jacks set which is excellent. Available at

Coco's Musings creates colorful, whimsical earrings, hair clips and keychains with glitter, color, and fun for your accessory style.

Thank you for taking the time to read my babbling. I do enjoy the babble of a blog.

Wishing you a fun day filled with a little joy, play & whimsy.

Cheers, Bubbles.


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