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  • Dissent Pins' permanent take on the classic "I voted" sticker that so many of us wear on election day is here! Wear it year round to declare your intention to vote in the next election and remind others to register and vote. 
  • Nick & Madeline are 2 of the Makers of Dissent Pins and are pictured above
  • Nick & Madeline are 2 of the Nice People Who Make Cool Stuff 


  • 50% of profits from the sales of this pin have been donated to: The New Georgia Project, which has been working for years to register and civically engage Georgians.
  • Pin is 2 1/8" wide, made of durable hard enamel, with two posts to hold it in place. 


This pin has small parts and is not made for children!

Dissent Pins - I Vote Flag Pin


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