This paperback edition of Atlanta in Color is 82 pages of beautiful black & white photography and story text from 35 interracial couples.

The conversations held by the couples in this book are just one of the many examples of how we can bring color to issues and have healthy conversations about race and prejudice.


Despite the city’s reputation as the “Black Mecca” due to its rich black history and black achievement, the Atlanta of today is ranked as one of the most segregated and economically inequal cities in the South. For some, this disparity is a hard concept to grasp and an even more uncomfortable conversation to have. But if we want to promote change and empower our fellow Atlantans, these conversations are necessary—especially when they occur between people of different races within a relationship.

Through intimate interviews, the interracial couples featured in Atlanta in Color unravel stereotypes, fear of discrimination, and stories of race handed down through generations. The individuals that make up these couples have learned much from each other, and it is clear that society has much to learn from them as well.

Love in Color - "Atlanta in Color" by Jason Davis