Get the best of Ruth Bader Ginsburg all in one box! This box is packed to the brim with fun RBG themed items such as an action figure complete with her own gavel, A sticker of your choice, a finger puppet, a pack of mints, a magnet of your choice, and a card of your choice! 


Each Box Automatically comes with:

- 1 RBG Action Figure

- 1 RBG Judgmints Mints

- 1 RBG Finger Puppet


Each Box Also Comes With Your Choice of:

- 1 RBG Themed Card 

- 1 Choice of Magnet

- 1 Tie Bar (Optional, $15)

- 1 RBG Themed Sticker


See an item you like in the box that you just want one of? We have each item in the box available for purchase individually on our website! Check out our Gifts, Cards, and Feminist Sections for most items!

Additionally if you would like to purchase more cards, magnets, or items and add them to your box as a gift for someone, please purchase those individually and send us a message after checkout and we can accomodate adding those items to the box!

The RBG Box

Choice of Card
Choice of Magnet
Tie Bar

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