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Feels like summertime to me...

It is 86 degrees in Pittsfield,Massachusetts today so I went to Onota Lake. I thought that there would be a tiny breeze there, and it was so refreshing. People were out enjoying the sunshine, picnics, music, walking their dogs, pushing their strollers, sitting at lake edge, relaxing on the beach, and swimming. Boaters were out on their pontoon boats, canoes, and rafts. I find this place amazing.

I grew up in Berkeley and Oakland, California. I went to Lake Anza in Tilden Park and to Lake Temescal when I was a teenager. Swimming was allowed till I was about 16, and then we could not, because that lake was polluted.

Maybe that is why I find this lake swimming so wonderful. We can swim in this lake. Now I need to remember how I used to do it way back when.

As a kid, and a teenager and I swam in lakes or pools or the ocean, I always imagined being a mermaid. Honestly, I still do. Afsaneh of Joo Joo Paper made this lovely mermaid card. I probably need to create a "Mermaid" section on the website.

As I walked the trail near the lake, I thought about the wonderful variety of people in this world. Walking by the lake, seeing people enjoying themselves was lovely.

As I felt the light breeze and saw the sunlight flickering on the water, it felt like summer to me. When I drove home, with the windows down, the music blaring, my arm waving making waves outside, I said to myself, summer is here. And it is good.

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