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Hello Gorgeous' Guide To Enjoying The Indoors:

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Written by Kim Fredrickson, Edited by Sarah-Jane May

January is an inside kind of month.

Weather is unpredictable. It changes from 70 degrees one day and falls to 30 the next. Every area is different of course.

For the last year or 2, I am grateful to have re-discovered being outside and exploring my neighborhood. I notice the trees with their changing leaves, the flowers and shrubs changing from season to season. I notice the sunsets more and occasionally a sunrise. Along with this new awareness of nature, is a discovery of birds that visit our bird feeders.

We have also had a wildflower and vegetable garden which has been home to tomatoes, jalapenos, bees, and butterflies to name a few (even a cat or 2 visits our gardens).

Now that the ground is colder, it is time for winter gardens, sowing some outdoor seeds (like Purple Clover) and also for planting seeds inside. We have kale and beets outside currently.

We decided to make a fun Guide to enjoying your January indoors with some of our great gifts and items:

Welcome to "Sow the Magic" an Asheville, North Carolina company that curates beautifully illustrated seed packets, crystals and even a "Gardener's Moon Calendar". The seed packets have detailed information about the type of plant, sowing instructions, and other intriguing details about the plant itself historically and symbolically.

When you find yourself inside, you may want to read a good book like:

Shannon Cohen's "Tough Skin, Soft Heart" for inspirational wisdom and motivation.

Local Author, Park Cannon's "Universal Guide to Running for Office"

"I Wonder Bookstore" by Shinsuke Yoshitake

"Pocket Frida Kahlo Wisdom"

"It's OK to Feel Things Deeply" by Carissa Potter

"Styling the Stars"

"Atlanta in Color" by Jason Davis

Other fun items for enjoying your indoors:

If you notice you need some reading glasses to go with your new book...we do have some great styles from Peepers.

Inside time may also bring you the chance to write in a journal.

We have several sizes, designs and styles from the tiniest by Unemployed Philosophers Guild to London's Kitsch Noir Journals.

Cooler temps and rainy days indoors call for a nice cup of tea. Check out our new teas by The TeaBook, and of course the classic and locally owned Chai Box!

Grab yourself a new mug to put that tea or coffee in! We have some great selections by hand created Bold and Dreamy, or the ever popular Citizen Ruth Brand, UPG, or Emily McDowell (seen above)

Puzzles by The Found and UPG are a nice way to spend some indoor time.

Perhaps this is the time that you begin to write cards and letters to friends and family.

We have notecard sets by Dahlia Press and Up with Paper.

We of course have individual cards just to say "Hello" ie: Pencil Joy, Driscoll Design and Erin Smith.

If you are beginning to bird watch, Blackbird Letterpress has 2 beautiful cards of a bluebird and the red headed woodpecker.

Stay Cozy!

If you are venturing outside for a walk, and want a little cozy beanie, or balaclava we have some unique styles from Moshiki.

If you are looking for a more rugged pair of socks, check out the recycled fiber Socksmith collections made in the US for hiking, and walking. Be sure to also check out the organic cotton socks by Zkano, made in Fort Payne, Alabama.

January is full of changes.

January is also full of a variety of journeys. We just became grandparents in December and are so gratefully over the moon about our granddaughter.

Here's wishing you joyful journeys in January, whatever they may be.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us.

We truly do a little "happy dance" when we receive your order.

All the best,

Kim, Sarah- Jane, and Sophia

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