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Frank and Joe hopped out of the convertible and ran hurriedly down the dark path towards the old barn. Frank’s bright flashlight made strange shadows bounce along the trunks of the huge oak trees and the wind howled creepily through the branches. “How long do you think Chet and Biff can keep Patrolman McGillicuddy busy down by the lake?” asked Joe worriedly. “We don’t have much time left.” Frank stopped short when they reached the gray barn. Outside the door, shielded from the sun by the decaying structure and the tall oaks was a thick patch of verdant green moss. Large footprints were visible leading straight to the entrance. “It might not matter,” replied Frank quietly. “Someone was here before us.”

scent notes:
cedar and sandal woods, amber, mosses
hints of white musk


10oz | 60 hours

North Ave - The Hardy Boys Candle

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