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New Year, New Words to Me.

Since March of 2020, I have been reading more poetry and more books.

And by more poetry, I mean actually reading the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

1 of my favorite poems begins like this;

"I started Early-Took my Dog-

And visited the Sea-

The Mermaids in the Basement

Came Out to look at me-"

There is more to this poem, but seriously,

"The Mermaids in the Basement Came Out to look at me."

Everything in this line speaks to me.

Also, Dickinson wrote about mermaids? How cool is this?

Did you read Dickinson in high school? I did not.

So these old words are new words to me and it is a wonderful discovery.

By Emily Dickinson:

"We introduce ourselves

To Planets and to Flowers

But with ourselves

Have etiquettes


And awes."

From A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh"

"How sweet to be a Cloud

Floating in the Blue!"

It makes him very proud

To be a little cloud. "

From "Be: An Alphabet of Astonishment" by Michael Lipson,PhD

"The rose is without a why.

She blooms because she blooms.

She pays no heed to herself,

nor cares if anyone sees her." by Andreas Schiffler, penname-"Silesian Angel"

In this New Year that approaches, 2024, I want to read more of Emily Dickinson's poetry and visit her house in Amherst, Massachusetts..

I also want to read more poetry in general. Nikita Gill and Nikki Giovanni are also on my "to read more" list .

Typically I do not make "resolutions" but this year is different.

Do you have poets that you recommend?

Wishing Y'All an amazing 2024 full of all the wonder & joy!

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