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The power of "THANK YOU"

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was a mix of things. Weird printer issues, chatting with the help person at Pirate Ship. (our shipping platform) and having a lovely conversation with a Gorgeous Friend from Georgia. She had purchased a gift for herself and for a friend. However,her power had gone out and she was not sure if the order had gone through. She called the office at 770-569-0534 and left me a message to confirm that the order had worked. It had not, so we talked on the phone and put the order together with all the relevant details. We then proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things.

She reminded me of how much I treasure conversations with people. Simple but true. Today I woke up to see a kind message from her in my email that said:

"Kim, our call was much more fun than ordering from Amazon! Thanks for going the extra mile...!

I also got a text today from a Gorgeous Friend in Georgia who said to me, "Thank you for having such cool stuff!"

I am so grateful to work with Gorgeous Friends, kind people who support my small business. Every time I am meditating...saying "things happen" "it will work out" , about some small business detail that is frustrating....I then realize how much I appreciate each of You, Gorgeous Friends, for shopping with my small business. Honestly it makes it better. Seriously, better.

There is a power in saying, Thank You. Saying thank you to people in person, on the phone, via email, text and of course through an excellent greeting card is fantastic.

Here are some possibilities of the powerful THANK YOU card.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. And THANK YOU for being YOU.


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